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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

3 months at EMBO Press

From January to April, I lived the life of a graphical editor at EMBO Press.
I mainly worked for 2 of their journals : EMBO Journal and EMBO reports.

I have been extremely lucky to be very kindly supervised by Uta Mackensen and thus could work on almost all the aspects covered by a graphical editor in a quality scientific journal. And these aspects were way more various that I could imagine before this experience : it included cover design, review figures, posters for conferences, infographics, animations,...

One of the very valuable aspect of EMBO Press is that all editors are "on location" which allows to go much deeper in the elaboration of the artworks because of the conversation we could have together.
Thus, it was also very interesting to approach scientific novelties or topics by their graphical aspects.
I especially enjoyed the "Science & Society" section of EMBO reports because of the variety of topics.

Ok, let me show you selected pieces :-)

Graphics from the Science & Society section of EMBO Reports.
You can click on the images for the link to the articles.

April cover of EMBO reports highlighted on their website

Design of carrousel image to highlight a research article.
(one of the numerous artworks with mice. I drew lots of mice :-))

I also appreciated to work on the reviews from a common series on Molecular Memory
and I could thus explore the subject on the different aspects highlighted by the authors.
You can find the series here (Where you can also find the small animation that describes the series).

I am looking forward to see all the artworks I did printed or published (yes, edition takes time and most of my work was not yet published when I left Heidelberg...) and I am very grateful for the time I spent there.

May cover of EMBO reports

Illustration for the article "Prisoner's dilemma" of David Shaw

Links at EMBO Journal (Epigenetic memory: the Lamarckian brain) (Immunological memory within the innate immune system) (Traffic into silence: endomembranes and post‐transcriptional RNA silencing)

Links at EMBO Reports (Vaccines against cancer) (LMNA Isoforms) (Biomedical research's unpaid debt) (Cell intrinsic control of axon regeneration) (The prisoner's dilemma)

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