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Friday, February 14, 2014

Those who want to close the borders also want to control women's uterus

Correlation is 85%.
Original data can be found on the confederation website.
Click on the image for full size view.


  1. Sorry, I can't read German, Where is the data from? What do the initials in the figure mean?

  2. Hi Bjorn,

    Last sunday, there were "votations" in Switzerland. These are kind of referendum and they happen very often.
    This time, 3 questions were asked to the Swiss people : 1 relative to the railway development (accepted), another aiming in de-reimburse abortion (rejected) and the last one aiming to put quotas on emigration (accepted).

    You can read in english about those referendum here for example :

    The initial in the figures are the cantons (like 26 internal states of Switzerland).
    For example, ZH stands for Zurich canton. More about cantons here :

    Do I answer your questions?


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